Premium Soaps Demand Innovative Packaging

As world leading soap bar manufacturers Soapworks understand the constant need to innovate and develop new products and lines. To enable this we spend considerable time researching and developing products, looking at formulations, fragrance, shapes and packaging. With this research we have found that packaging can be just as important as the product it contains, despite the old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ we know that many consumers do exactly that.
This is particularly true with the ever growing gift market as more and more customers are looking to provide premium bespoke products with high quality wrapping that mirrors the quality of the individual bar within.  At Soapworks we are well equipped to meet these demands with our Italian designed and built GD Wrapper machine that allows us to offer specialist wrapping on individual soap bars without the expense of hand finishing. 
The GD Wrapper is different from our other packing lines as it offers the option of sheet fed wrapping as opposed to roll fed. In commercial terms this means we can offer considerably more options in terms of paper style, thickness, texture and finish, making it perfect for the premium gifting market. 
We work closely with our packaging suppliers to stay ahead of the trends so that we can offer our customers the latest in paper options which meet their specific product requirements.
As the demand for luxury products and packs continues to increase, we are finding more and more customers trying the GD wrapper for their premium lines. At Soapworks we’ve always believed that by working closely with, and listening to, our customers we are better able to innovate and provide solutions that allow them to grow their business. Our GD Wrapper is simply another example of this. 
If you would like to know more about what the GD Wrapper offers or any other aspect of Soapworks please feel free to contact Emma MacKenzie at