Soapworks Clean Up In The Art World


The famous French artist, Henri Matisse, once said that “creativity takes courage”. He may well have been right, but these days it also takes soap!

We’re always pleased when someone new gets in touch and asks if we can supply 3,200 bars of soap, but when it’s the renowned art gallery, Spike Island, we’re more than a little curious. We’ve always thought of our soap as worthy of greater attention and we were delighted when we discovered that celebrated Danish artist, Nina Beier, felt the same way.

Nina Beier is a Berlin based artist and sculptor whose work has been exhibited all over the world. For her latest installation at the Spike Island gallery she wanted to create a modern, challenging, piece on a large scale, and she wanted to use soap. She was drawn to soap as a medium because of its social history and associations with cleanliness and domesticity. As the centrepiece work for the exhibition there was clearly going to be a lot of interest in it. As the UK’s leading soap manufacturer we were the obvious first call to see if we could help Nina.

Nina’s work is now on display and we have to admit we’re blown away with what she’s done. We’ll never look at a retail shelf display the same way again. The exhibition opened in July and runs until the 23rd of September and has attracted much critical acclaim. One sad aspect is that the piece will be dismantled at the end of the exhibition’s run, however, in keeping with our corporate social responsibility all of the soap used is being donated to needy local charities afterwards.

This has been an unusual but exciting project for us to be involved in. Using bars of soap in a modern setting is very much what Soapworks is about. We’re not sure if we’ll be able to claim the title ‘muse’ now alongside our RSPO and BRC accreditations though.