Science Winners Visit Soapworks

One often-overlooked aspect of creating soap is the science involved. Most people only notice the cleverly designed packaging, the wonderful scent or colour of the bar and of course the feel of the soap on their skin. But to achieve all of these things requires a thorough understanding and practice of science. The chemistry involved in actually creating soap is arguably the most important part of the process. If we don’t know how certain ingredients will react with one another and with a person’s skin we’ve absolutely no business doing what we do.

Which is why when our innovation lab work on new formulas, explore new scents or want to create new user experiences for our customers they start off testing ingredients and how they will react with one another. The science of soap manufacturing is literally at the heart of what we do.

So we were delighted recently when the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) chose to visit Soapworks as part of the prize for the winners of their ‘Scrub Up on Science’ competition. Our Technical Manager, David Ridland, hosted pupils Neve Lavery, Morven McNicol and Giuliano Piacentini, along with their teacher Miss Zeb, from the winning school Trinity High.  Along with Shona Bear, a council member from the SCS, they were given the opportunity to witness first-hand how science is applied in the work place to create products for the cosmetics industry.

The highlight of the trip was making their own soap in our New Product Development lab. They were also given a tour of our facility and they hopefully left with a greater understanding of how science is applied in modern cosmetic manufacturing and how important it is to the economy.

For David Ridland and the rest of the Soapworks technical team it was a chance to remind all of us of the innovative and specialist work we do. We’d like to commend the SCS for running the competition and introducing, and engaging, a new generation to science and offer a big congratulations to the pupils and teachers from Trinity High on winning the competition and for being such great ambassadors for their school.