Bar Soap Cleans Up In 2018



We were delighted to read confirmation of something we’ve been saying for a while; bar soap is back in fashion. Both The Telegraph and You magazine ran articles this week highlighting the increase in bar soap sales in 2018. Recently published sales figures show that bar soap sales increased by 3% in the last 12 months while spend has risen from £66.4 million in 2017 to £68.3 million. Not only are bar soaps out-performing the market they are growing faster than liquid soaps and shower gel products too.


The analysis around this growth points to increased consumer demand fuelling it. The very public backlash against unnecessary plastic, commonly associated with liquid soaps and shower gels, and increased consumer understanding around the greater longevity, and hygiene, of bar soaps has all contributed. When that’s combined with continued innovations in manufacturing and packaging it’s easy to see why retailers like Debenhams reported that their “number of soap bar SKUs increased by 260 per cent and sales by 300 per cent” during 2018.


As the UK’s leading bar soap manufacturer we’re delighted that consumers are again sharing our enthusiasm for the wonderful bar soap. We look forward to capitalising on this and meeting increased consumer demand in the year ahead.