Bronnley Soap Receives Rave Review

Soapworks were delighted when one of the hand-finished, triple milled soaps that we supply to luxury soap and toiletries specialist Bronnley was singled out for special praise in the national press.

Independently owned Bronnley have been a by-word for quality for over 100 years and their decision to outsource manufacturing led to us establishing a close working relationship with them over the last five years.

Always keen to innovate we’ve worked together to provide Bronnley with a range of triple milled soaps. Synonymous with high quality our triple milling manufacturing process provides a luxuriously refined soaps with a dense lather which makes for a longer lasting soap bar. Much of the extensive Bronnley range is hand finished at our facility in Glasgow with specially designed wrapping and packaging. As a Royal Warrant holder premium quality is essential and Soapworks are proud to supply a soap range which certainly meets this criteria.

It was really heartening to then read a review of Bronnley’s Orange and Jasmine soap in The Guardian newspaper. Sali Hughes, the Guardian’s acclaimed Beauty Columnist and regular contributor to BBC Radio Five, wrote her ‘Best Gifts For Mother’s Day’ column and not only praised Bronnley’s brand heritage but described the soap as “a pleasure to use and endlessly cheering on the bathroom shelf”.

The ability to not only innovate and create new products but to manage every step of that process from conceptual idea to finished product being delivered to our customer is something we are very proud of at Soapworks. It’s particularly satisfying when influential industry commentators recognise this quality too.