Science Goes To The Top Of The Class


Most people associate soap with beauty and glamour. The attractive packaging, the wonderful fragrances and the luxurious lather feel conjure images of pampering and relaxation. That’s good, that’s what soap should feel like, but behind the scenes what many people don’t ever consider is the science and technology that goes into creating the perfect bar of soap.

Last month The Society of Cosmetic Scientists, in conjunction with British Science Week, created the innovative ‘Teach The Teachers, Scrub Up On Science’ and Soapworks was the obvious venue to host it. We were delighted to welcome teachers from across the local area into Soapworks so they could see the science they teach being used in a modern manufacturing process and help them to inspire the next generation of scientists.

The Scrub Up On Science programme was created to help teachers introduce science to pupils in an informative and practical way. Trips to facilities like Soapworks allow teachers the opportunity to carry out activities and see first-hand what’s involved in the day-to-day work we do. The visiting teachers were also given a tour of our facilities and David Ridland, our Technical & Compliance Manager, explained the processes behind modern soap manufacturing. The trip ended in our Development Laboratory where we’re constantly developing, innovating and improving soap and the soap making process.

It was a successful trip for all involved. David Ridland in particular was delighted with the day and said, “As part of the recent SCS Scrub up on Science Teach the Teachers day, Soapworks Ltd hosted the event headed by Emma Meredith and Shona Bear from The Society of Cosmetic Scientists. A number of teachers from across the central belt attended and were presented with the background to Cosmetic Science and teaching opportunities that the SCS Scrub up on Science program offers. There was a practical demonstration of various aspects of cosmetic science which really brought alive the science behind many of our everyday cosmetic products. The feedback on the day from the teachers was extremely positive and it was deemed a great success by all who participated.”

Science and technology are not only important to Soapworks but to our entire economy, we’re delighted to try and help inspire the scientists of tomorrow.