When It Comes To Choice Our Die Is Already Cast

It’s a regular conversation customers have with us, “We’d like to try some new shapes for our soaps but we don’t have a big budget to develop them, can you help us?” Fortunately the answer is usually ‘yes’ and part of the reason for that is our comprehensive’ ‘die-store’.

A soap die is a metal mould used to form the bulk soap material into its final shape, it is critical that they are of good quality and performance to achieve a high standard of product.The die-making process is a master-class in the art of genuine metal work craftsmanship. There are very few skilled die-makers left and we are fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with the best in Europe.

Originally dies were made from brass, this was the industry standard and how soap dies had been made for many, many years. However brass is a poor convector of heat and as such it requires us to use more power to cool and heat during the manufacturing process. With this in mind we started to work with other metals and developed bronze dies. Bronze was a success and allowed not only improved production performance but also more intricate designs. However, bronze is a precious metal and expensive, so we searched for an alternative and have in recent years developed copper as our metal of choice for dies.

Copper is an excellent convector of heat and it is also a wonderful metal to work with because it allows greater flexibility for design and intricate detail for ejectors. Convection is important because it affects the amount of power that’s required in the manufacturing process. The less power required the lower the cost and the better the process is for the environment too. Copper ticks that box.

We’ve recently introduced a further innovation by coating the copper die in Niflon, an advanced version of ‘Teflon’ which gives dies a non-stick coating allowing us to achieve greater performance on high end soaps, complex shapes and bars with a high perfume content. This has been a great asset in the manufacturing process and puts us at the cutting edge of soap die technology.

Not only does constant innovation with dies ensure we continue to provide the best possible manufacturing process it has also led to us having an extensive die-store, stocked with dies of every shape and size which have already been tried and tested. So if a customer is looking to create something a little out-of-the-ordinary there’s a very good chance we’ve done it before. Our existing die-store not only provides potential cost savings, reduces the development process but also helps ease the production process as we already know how a particular shape or design will run and what issues might arise. Our die-store is rigorously catalogued and our existing dies are stored and maintained for future use. With hundreds of dies to choose from we are very well placed to assist any customer who is looking to try something different.

If you’d like to know more about our die-store, or how Soapworks technical team can help you improve your soap products please feel free to contact Emma MacKenzie at emma.mackenzie@soapworksltd.co.uk