Soapworks’ Soap Aid Initiative Draws Praise From Parliament

It’s not everyday a business gets singled out for praise in the House Of Commons so the 16th March 2016 was a proud day for everyone at Soapworks and all those involved with Soap Aid. Our local MP proposed an early day motion praising our charitable efforts and even more pleasing it received cross-party support from MPs throughout the UK. The full motion can be read here .

Soapworks, founded by Dame Anita Roddick in 1988, was built on the principle of putting something back into the community and that ethos remains with us to this day. Soap Aid is our in-house initiative that, as the name suggests, works to distribute soap to people who lack basic sanitation or for whom circumstances might dictate that soap is seen as a luxury. The harsh reality is that 2 billion people lack adequate sanitation across the world and, as a direct result of this, it is estimated that 1.8 million children die every year of hygiene related illnesses. The simple act of washing your hands with soap has a huge impact on addressing this and indeed The World Bank states that “hand washing with soap may be the single most cost effective health intervention available today!”


One of our key partners in the distribution of our donated soap bars is the charity “Glasgow the Caring City”. Working primarily with this charity we are very proud to have donated millions of soap bars utilising residual materials that would otherwise have been destined for land fill. Ross Gilbraith (International Project and Social Enterprise Manager) recently commented “Glasgow the Caring City is working on the frontlines of the battle against Ebola and thanks to the generosity of Soapworks Ltd, we can stand together in our fight to save lives”. 


Channelling the community spirit of our founder we hold corporate social responsibility close to our hearts and, as such, are extremely proud that as the UK’s leading soap manufacturer that we can actually make a difference in this area. We are in the unique position of being able to affect positive changes in the health and wellbeing of people across the world. Our commendation in Parliament is very pleasing, not only as it recognises the efforts of all the team at Soapworks but also that it helps to raise awareness of how impactful soap can be on addressing health and hygiene concerns worldwide.