From Apprentice To Expert

At Soapworks we’re fortunate to deal with some of the most innovative and creative companies in the world. The Health and Beauty industry attracts some of the best and brightest people and it’s wonderful to be part of their success stories.

Every now and then we’re approached by a start-up looking to try something different. That was the case recently when we worked with Carbon Theory, a new skin care brand set-up and run by star of BBC’s very popular Apprentice, Philip Taylor. Philip only created Carbon Theory last year and was keen to develop a facial cleansing bar that was dermatologically friendly and created stand out on the shelf.

Working with Philip we developed a bar soap that combines organic charcoal and tea tree oil. The striking black colour combines well with the minimalist, modern pouch style packaging. The soap also achieves Carbon Theory’s stated claims of being vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Despite it only recently being launched, already the product has received some exciting reviews.

From our perspective we’re equally pleased to hear from Carbon Theory about their experience of working with Soapworks. We pride ourselves on trying to exceed expectations so it was heartening to hear Philip say From my initial contact with the team at Soapworks the support I have been given to realise this project has been nothing less than exceptional. Soapworks’ knowledge of chemistry, retail and logistics coupled with their experience of working with global brands and retailers has been absolutely invaluable. Formulation 10372 was developed by Soapworks for Carbon Theory and was specifically focused on preventing breakouts and maintaining already healthy skin. Our studies with problem skin sufferers led to dramatic results in only 7 days with the product being described as “a miracle in a little black bar”. Our community on Instagram have been sharing images of their improved complexions and renewed confidence in their skin which has been incredibly rewarding from a commercial and personal perspective. I am incredibly grateful to all of team at Soapworks and hopefully this is the beginning of a very exciting relationship between us both.” 

It’s a compliment to all the team at Soapworks when our expertise and dedication is recognised like this.